VOL. 11 January ISSUE YEAR 2010


in Vol. 11 - January Issue - Year 2010
Consulting for Shot Peening

To offer a consulting service for Shot Peening is a very demanding task. One of the reasons is, that unlike giving training or a presentation, one can hardly prepare for such a consulting service. The scope of issues to be evaluated and the problems to be solved are always different and may be connected to a whole range of different fields. They may not even be related to shot peening directly, but to material science, process layout, equipment, logistics, audits, specifications, calibration of equipment and much more. So a consultant for shot peening must not only have a deep knowledge of the related topics and an extensive industrial experience, but also needs a fundamental scientific background. In addition he is required to be good communicator in order to bring the best possible benefit to a client.

Why can MFN provide a premium Consulting Service for Shot Peening?

While MFN has, due to the string requirements, only a handful of consultants, they are supported by a team of almost 50 specialists from 19 countries and 14 international offices around the globe (www.mfn.li/contact). Furthermore MFN is the "Official Collaboration Partner of FEMS" (Federation of European  Material Societies) and is "Partner in Education in Nadcap". The organization offers FAA accepted shot peening, flap peening and vibratory finishing courses and educates nearly 1000 people/year. To maximise synergies, MFN is partner to many exhibitions in the field of metal finishing and maintains close ties to universities and various organization around the globe (www.mfn.li/partners). This unique global network allows MFN to solve almost any shot peening problem. So if one of the consultants may be unsure about a particular topic, he has a whole pool of specialists, institutions and organizations at his service to help him in a particular case. MFN's networking concept to support its consultants, is world-wide unique, and the key issue which makes it different to any other consulting service in the industry.

Who would benefit from such a Consulting Service?

Any company that has specific questions and problems related to shot peening, which cannot be answered in a standard training, will benefit from such consulting. A consultant will try to find answers for questions such as: How to peen a particular part? With what media, intensity and coverage? Where to peen it? How to improve the process? What effect could peening have on a particular part? Questions concerning fatigue and residual stress (certain evaluation may require the use of external equipment). Trouble shooting of a particular application, etc.. If required a consulting service can also be connected with training.

Cost of Consulting Service

Depending on the geographical territory different consultants are available. The cost also may vary according to the particular country in which the consulting takes place. If a very specific expertise is needed, a customer certainly can insist on a particular consultant.

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