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Introduction of Stan Bovid

Mr. Bovid serves as a senior engineer at LSP Technologies. His experience and expertise in process optimization, fatigue and fracture mechanics, stress analysis and finite element analysis have distinguished him as a valuable resource for internal and external clients interested in laser peening and part improvement. Prior to his involvement at LSP Technologies, Mr. Bovid previously served the US Department of Defense (DoD) as a Materials Engineer. Mr. Bovid is recognized as an expert in the field of failure analysis and mishap investigations, and led many high profile investigations while with the DoD. His engineering and process experience were also relied upon for improving and troubleshooting manufacturing processes within the DoD organization. Mr. Bovid has also taught engineering courses at the university level. Prior to his role with the DoD, Mr. Bovid also provided engineering services for the automotive industry and non-profit organizations. Mr. Bovid earned his BS degree in Materials Science & Engineering from Michigan State University with a focus on Metallurgical and Manufacturing Processes. He continued his education at North Carolina State University where he received an MS degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialized concentration in Structural Mechanics and Materials. As a licensed Professional Engineer, Mr. Bovid strives to solve client problems efficiently and effectively and make the world a safer place.