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Introduction of Giovanni Gregorat

After achieving a diploma in Business and Accounting, Giovanni worked in the Foreign Trade and Export Finance Department of a large multinational bank, at first in Italy, and subsequently in the bank's Hong Kong and Singapore offices. During his tenure in Hong Kong, Giovanni also assisted in the establishment and management of a trading company that quickly became one of the main players in the growing Chinese foreign trade market. He was later hired by a manufacturer of cast steel shot, where for the following twenty years, he specialized as a Product Manager and a Sales Manager of cast steel shot for aerospace peening. Giovanni was part of the trainer team that organized the first MFN Shot Peening Workshop, and since then has been a regular author and editor of MFN workshop training programs. He is part of the trainer teams at MFN workshops in the English language in Singapore and in other countries, and is also responsible for the MFN shot peening workshop programs in the Italian and Spanish languages. Giovanni writes and edits articles for MFN magazine; he lives near Venice, Italy.