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Introduction of Paul Rawlinson


Paul Rawlinson is the General Manager of Rösler UK a branch of Rösler Oberflächentechnik the German manufacturer of surface finishing equipment that includes, mass finishing, shot blasting and shot peening machines and related process materials.Bo in 1958 in Merseyside United Kingdom, after studying mechanical engineering he joined Cetema Ltd (Rotofinish licensee) in 1978 where he started work in the process development test laboratory gaining an extensive first hand knowledge in the field of mass finishing, progressing to domestic sales then export sales followed by various managerial positions. In 1991 Rösler acquired the whole Rotofinish European group of companies this together with the introduction of shot blasting techniques gave Paul the opportunity to develop his knowledge and career further as many new products and processes became available opening up many new potential customers, with Paul at the helm the growth and success of Rösler UK has continued from strength to strength. Having worked closely as a supplier to many prestigious companies in the aerospace and automotive industries both at home and abroad Paul believes he understands the high expectations of such customers and attributes his own success to having a hands-on and flexible approach to finding practical and cost effective solutions to applications for which his 30 years experience serves him well. Paul has attended numerous MFN workshops both as an exhibitor/attendee and has played an active roll by presenting a paper on mass finishing techniques at a workshop held in Singapore.

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