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Introduction of Paolo Redaelli


Paolo Redaelli was born in Milan in 1961, by Giuseppe, founder of Rollwasch Italiana Spa. In 1977 he joined the company, together with his second brother Roberto, to start his own practical experience, while at the same time he attended evening school where he was graduated in 1981. The same year he married Elisabetta and during the next three years were born two sons, Giorgio and Michela. Since he was young, Paolo has been interested in mechanical inventions and environmental topics, by examining in depth with experiments and reading. In the early 80s joined the company the third brother Raffaele, and later on his sister Ambra. In 1991, Paolo presented the first technological conference, during the exhibition TF (Trattamenti e Finiture) in Parma. He introduced the first finishing chemical compounds programme called EUROPE LINE that, in fact, has anticipated the REACH regulations of almost twenty years, offering environment-friendly products. From that moment the attention given to the environmental match all the following Rollwasch projects, as a common denominator. In 1997, the father Giuseppe died and Paolo becomes the President of the administration council of the company. In 2001, his beloved mother Emiliana died, she was the affective reference for all the four brothers families, adding another great loss to the family. The pain of these two dramatic events get the relation between the family even stronger, in fact they work together since decades. In 2002, in collaboration with the Politechnic Institute of Milano (Polimi), Paolo actively participates to issue the booklets for the academics, together with EFUN (National University of Education), an organization which Rollwasch participates together with other companies, each specialized in a specific branch relative to the metal surface finishing (such as, for example: painting and galvanizing companies, etc..). Between 2007 and 2008, Paolo studied four eco-sustainable projects feasible in general terms about the survival of the planet always more suffering and polluted. Then in 2009 he published his first book, "Terra, Vento Acqua e Fuoco" which summarizes in fictional form the four projects. Between spring 2008 and winter 2011 Paolo deposited seven patent applications pertinent to the field company specialization related to the processes, machines and surface finishing products. Some of these questions are also expanded in Europe, and for one in particular starts a PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty) to deposit a particular worldwide patent. In 2010 published "Herkaleon, furto di identità" his second book, the purpose of this novel is to raise the value of a joined family, even if in a very original way. In 2011, Paolo wrote his third book, "La rosa dei venti" (published in 2012) linked to environmental issues, although in a fantasy way. With this book the author wants to provoke the reader, putting him in a position to reflect on how we could live today without the latest "technological innovations", like our great-grandparents did in the past. In 2013, after 36 years of specialized work in the vibratory finishing field, Paolo’s plans for the future are always characterized by the idea of offering to the market eco-friendly solutions, as well as competitive, rational and focused on the finishing quality.