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Introduction of Dirk Gather


Dirk Gather was bo in 1966. After examination and civilian service he started working and leaing in the Electroplating sector. He finished his theoretical and practical training at the technical college for electroplating (Nürnberg) in 1990. At that time he was specialized on industrial plating treatment, such as functional chrome plating, anodizing, zinc plating and chemical nickel plating. Afterwards he collected for two years experiences in decorative electroplating processes and waste water treatment techniques in different projects and enterprises. In 1992 he started working for OSRO Germany, an established company in the sector of vibratory and mass finishing technologies. He got an insight into standard vibratory finishing procedures as well as into the special field of chemically accelerated mass finishing. From 1997 until 2000 he started building up and managing the German sales department of KROMAS LTD (Turkey). Since 2001 Dirk Gather works as plant manager for the Gleitschliffzentrum Oranienburg (Germany). Besides its function as job shop center this company represents RÖSLER, the well known and leading manufacturer of surface finishing equipment, in the local area of Berlin and Brandenburg.