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MFN Workshop / Shot Peening Training Level 1-3


Level 1 is the minimum requirement for shot peen operators and is the foundation for level 2. The level 1 course provides training in peening workshop operations & inspections.

Introduction to Peening:
Fundamental theory; History; Applications.

Intensity L1:
An understanding of Intensity; how it is determined and verified in production.

Coverage & saturation; Coverage inspection methods. Coverage rates / media size; Influencing parameters.

Required documentation and "walk-through" of the peening process.

Types available; selection criteria; application and removal methods.

Peening Media L1:
Types & uses; Size analysis; Sieve test.


Level 2 is the minimum requirement for shot peen supervisors & technicians. Level 2 builds on the knowledge gained in level 1 to provide further capability in:

Intensity L2:
Intensity & stress depth; Constructing a sat curve; Analyzing saturation curves; Shaded strips & hole peening.

Preparing for Audits:
Types & level of audit; What to expect during audits; Preparing for audit.

Peening Machines & Equipment 1:
Air peen; Standard nozzles; Special Nozzles.

Peening Machines & Equipment 2:
Wheel peening machine; Media recovery & separation.

Peening Media L2:
Manufacturing & procurement specifications; Durability test.

Flap Peening:
Applications; Set-up & calculations; Demonstration.


Level 3 is the recommended standard for auditors, trainers & specifying engineers Level 3 provides greater breadth and depth of knowledge to enhance the competence gained from the previous levels.

Residual Stresses & their Measurement:
Definition of stresses; Measurement Techniques and their Limitations; "Walk-through" of X-Ray Diffraction technique.

Fatigue in Metals:
Fracture mechanics; Stress intensity factor; S-N curves, Fatigue measurement; Fatigue life & Limit.

Optimization Of Shot Peening.
Fatigue Considerations; Surface finish effects; Pre-stressed Peening; Secondary peening.

Peen Forming & Shape Correction:
Metal growth; Selecting growth areas; Applications; Limitations.

New Technologies:
Laser Shock Processing; Ultra-sonic peening; Cavitation peening.

Conducting audits for Peening:
Selecting criteria; Adequacy / compliance Customer requirements.


Repetition & Questions
Will depend on the specific requirements and means of the class. Can be used for repetition, questions, hands-on training, etc.

Optional Test for Certificate of Achievement
Participants who pass this optional test receive a certificate containing the FAA Reg. No. issued for the acceptance of this course

Students are recommended to start with level 1 to provide a suitable foundation for subsequent levels. Tests for level 2 & 3 certification shall contain questions on previous level content.

Certification for level 2 can only be awarded to level 1 holders.
Certification for level 3 can only be awarded to level 2 holders.