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Hands-on Training with Sieve Analyzer

Since sieve analysis is a very important part of checking the quality of new or used media for shot peening, MFN likes to demonstrate the performance of a sieve analysis hands-on during its workshops. One can only begin a particle size distribution analysis after properly collecting, preparing and sizing a sample. The test sieves have to be selected with mesh openings that reveal particle distribution at critical sizes. These are usually stated in a product specification or determined by material processing requirements. The trainer shows how to stack the sieves on top of each other, how to weigh the sample material, set the proper length of time to agitate the material, etc.. Finally, after the test is completed it is illustrated how to calculate and record the cumulative percentages as required. Most industries set up their specifications by the percentage of material retained on a particular sieve. Some industries, however, use the percentage passing through a particular sieve for analysis.

Training on the Sieve Analyser by Giovanni Gregorat

Training on the Sieve Analyser