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Introduction of Peter Beckmerhagen

Peter Beckmerhagen was bo in 1966 in Altena, Germany and originally apprenticed as a tool and die maker. He later studied Industrial Management at the Ruhr Academy in Bochum. During his studies in Bochum he also worked part time for Frohn and introduced a quality assurance system tailored specifically to the Shot Peening Media Department per ISO standards. Upon graduation from the Ruhr Academy he was hired as full time assistant to the owner of Frohn. In 1995 he established a manufacturing facility for Shot Peening Media in North America. Shortly thereafter in 1996 he was made President and part owner of Frohn GmbH.Peter has been engaged with and committed to Shot Peening since the early 90’s. As part of his commitment to the industry he has attended all major Shot Peening workshops and conferences. Not only as an attendee but also as an active participant presenting several papers on separate occasions over the years. He is a member of the Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Qualitaet (DGQ), the Verband der deutschen Fedeindustrie (VDF) and a member of the GAAC German American Chamber of Commerce (GAAC).