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Introduction of Markus Diedrich-Philippi

Markus Diedrich-Philippi is Head of Sales at ECOROLL AG Germany. He is responsible for the sales team at ECOROLL's headquarter in Celle, Germany, the US daughter ECOROLL Tool Technology Corp. in Milford Ohio and the Chinese office in Shanghai. Born in 1962 in Großburgwedel, Germany, he began his career with an apprenticeship as mechanic and passed technical college with degree of associate engineer in mechanical engineering in 1993. He took over the position of operating manager at is former company. This company was specialized in production of survey instruments for measuring of inclination and direction, used in mining, oil and gas exploration drilling. In 1999 he changed his position and became a member of the ECOROLL sales team and was responsible since then for selling and technical customer support for ECOROLL's technology. Frequently he supported customers with standard and customized solutions to help them achieving surface enhancement by roller burnishing or deep rolling. He is used to travelling worldwide and has contacts to many different branches were the ECOROLL technology is in service. Since 2014 he is head of sales and organizes marketing and sales of the entire ECOROLL product range.