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Introduction of Thorsten Evert

Authorised Representative at PantaTec GmbH, Bad Oeynhausen, Germany. Since the formation of PantaTec GmbH in 2010, Thorsten Evert is in charge of the development of the new improved blasting process and the production of the blasting media additive. At the moment, his mayor task is the continuation of marketing and sales of the new technology in a global scale. This includes mainly the spreading of the required information, which always needs to be comprehensive and also individual. Prior to that, Thorsten Evert was for many years acting in various leading positions in engineering and international sales in the field of capital goods for the metal working machine tools and surface preparation industry. After finishing his studies of mechanical engineering in 1988, he started his career in the sales department at AEG AG in Germany. Thorsten Evert is 50 years old and married. He has three grown-up sons and lives in the area of Hameln, Germany.