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Introduction of Frédéric Chateau

Frédéric Chateau was born in Paris, France in 1972. After completion his education on material science and mechanic, Frédéric began working in 1996 for GKN Automotive in R&D department where he managed several durability test campaigns on test rigs to develop new constant velocity joints and boots. By 2003 he joined the laboratory department of SANDEN, a Japanese company and was involved in the development of air conditioning compressors for the German automotive market. In September 2005 he was recruited by SONATS, an innovative industrial company specialized in metal surface treatments using a patented process technology: Stressonic®. Since 2008, he is the process manager and responsible for the development of appropriate ultrasonic shot peening solutions for companies in the aerospace, automotive and oil&gas industries. Frédéric has been involved in several studies with academic and industrial partners, and co-author of a paper presented at the ICSP11 in South Bend. He is member of the SAE Aerospace Materials Engineering Committee (Surface Enhancement), and has contributed to the BAE/NF normalization committees for shot peening.