Workshops / Training / Consulting

Why attend a MFN Shot Peening Workshop & Trade Show?

MFN is organizing frequently these international 2-3 days Shot Peening Workshops and Trade Shows to attract a wide spread audience. Suppliers from the industries, invited guest speakers, MFN scientific advisers and MFN trainers are combined to provide a mixture of knowledge that is beneficial to all those involved in peening, rather than exclusively for one particular group in this field. So operators, supervisors, process & maintenance engineers, buyers, even trainers will be able to either learn something completely new, or at least be able to refresh their knowledge.

FAA accepted Courses:

All 3 courses offered during the workshop are FAA accepted. Participants who passed the optional examination receive a "Certificate of Achievement", which has the related FAA identification number on it. The FAA acceptance gives the courses a general credibility. However, there are a lot of aviation repair and overhaul stations, which do receive frequent FAA audits. Especially those companies will appreciate to have access to a FAA accepted shot peening training.

Topics of Workshop:

  • introduction to peening and theory
  • peening intensity
  • effect of peening
  • Almen saturation curve
  • peening coverage
  • exposure time
  • peening location
  • process documentaion
  • masking solutions
  • workpiece fixtures
  • shape & size inspection of peening media
  • specifications
  • shaded strips
  • audits by 3rd parties
  • Ervin tester
  • specifications & standards
  • peening equipment components
  • air & wheel peening
  • machinery styles and application examples
  • hole peening
  • flap peening
  • peen forming
  • optimization of shot peening for fatigue critical applications
  • residual stress
  • XRD and BNA measurement of shot peening induced stresses
  • etc.