VOL. 24 September ISSUE YEAR 2023


in Vol. 24 - September Issue - Year 2023
The Excellent Blasting Media Use in A Multitude of Surface-Refinement-Applications
SWARCOBLAST glass blasting beads are fine mineral blasting media made of lead-free natron glass. Only raw materials that are free of heavy metals are used in their production.

SWARCOBLAST glass blasting beads are fine mineral blasting media made of lead-free natron glass. Only raw materials that are free of heavy metals are used in their production.

In surface engineering SWARCOBLAST glass blasting beads are commonly used for the treatment of materials in injection- and pressure-fed blasting systems. But it’s not only those precious well rounded beads that guarantee perfect results within the metal-, wood-, compound- and 3-D-printing industries. Alongside its glassbeads SWARCOBLAST’s product range boasts a variety of granulates, corundums, shots and fragments of various compositions. A perfect selection for a wide range of selective tasks.

Amstetten, July 10th, 2023 – “Within the large array of SWARCOBLAST-products, the glass blasting beads by Indusferica are prominent”, says Andreas Peham, Business Development SWARCO Indusferica. “This doesn’t lessen the usefulness or the quality of our other products, mind you“, he adds. It is simply inherent to perceive the bead as the perfect shape and thus elevate it above others. “In addition – our glass blasting beads are made of lead-free, hardened soda-lime-silica glass which is constant subject to quality controls“, Peham explains. “This, plus our ongoing endeavors to develop new and innovative production methods, make our glass blasting beads stand out. They are available in many different versions and are applicable to a large variety of tasks. This makes them second to none when it comes to quality and service life.”

A blasting medium for every occasion

The variations of SWARCOBLAST‘s glass blasting beads are used for cleaning, deburring, smoothening, the reduction of surface roughness, matting, polishing as well as for shot peening of all sorts of materials. SWARCOBLAST glass granulates are mainly used for derusting, descaling, the deburring of metallic materials and woodworking and are especially suited for tasks with high ratios of blasting-agent-loss. Normal-, high-grade- and blasting corundums, crushed grinding wheels, plastic granulates, corn cob shots and walnut shell granulates complete the SWARCOBLAST-assortment.

A well of knowledge and innovation

The annually hosted conference of the “Kompetenznetzwerk Strahlmittel“ is organized by the “Institut für Korrosionsschutz Dresden GmbH“ that deals with every aspect of industrial blasting and corrosion protection in connection with surface finishing. Moreover the “Kompetenznetzwerk Strahlmittel” is a network for the professional exchange of ideas within the blasting industry. 2023, for the first time, SWARCO Indusferica has the honor of hosting this event. It will take place on September 27th and 28th at the Global Glass Beads Technology Center in Neufurth/Austria. 

About SWARCO Indusferica

SWARCO Indusferica is part of the international SWARCO Group and utilizes the universal benefits of glass beads for special industrial applications. What began in 1969 as a business producing small reflective glass beads for road markings has evolved into one of the world’s leading manufacturers of micro glass beads, with production sites in Europe and the USA. Micro glass beads serve as a high-grade filler material in industrial applications and as a blasting abrasive for surface treatments. In the field of traffic technology, the micro glass beads embedded in the marking material reflect headlamp light to keep road markings visible. This increases road safety, particularly at night.

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